Is the AENT PC App Safe???

Our Software and all our products are MORE THAN SAFE for everyone!  Guaranteed!

Over the year’s we’ve received many requests to provide the AENT in a digital format, allowing readers to cut and paste English and Aramaic text into Bible studies, increase text size, help the reader learn and say Aramaic terms, and have access to a Glossary of Terms.  Bible Software companies such as eSword showed interest in having the AENT on their platforms, however, they want us to freely surrender the AENT, clearly they are more than happy to use all our efforts to get themselves more contributions.

So how difficult can Software development be over traditional printed Bibles?  We’re living in the modern era… piece of cake right?  Thankfully, our Heavenly Abba brought us a great software developer, a pleasure to work with.  If not for Bruno, the AENT PC App probably wouldn’t exist.  Bruno is a computer science educator, he went far beyond our expectations, managing software licensing, website programming and development, building the AENT PC App, and bringing together a great team of top European graphics talent… ALL within budget!  We have a great team of professionals who ensure that our AENT Bible software is safe, clean and pure.  It uses all the same server protection as all the Mega Software companies.

You can imagine our excitement to launch the Aramaic English New Testament PC Bible App!  Well… within minutes of launch we discovered companies like Norton Virus, Microsoft Virus, and other corporate viruses, discrediting our software by claiming that it’s unsafe.  We set out to contact the mega virus software companies only to receive demands for ransom money, either pay them money to put our AENT PC App on their “safe lists,” or they continue fear mongering people with BIG RED FEAR WARNINGS calling our beautiful AENT Bible Software unsafe! Suggesting our software will damage people’s computers!  NO WAY!!!  Companies like Microsoft and Symantec continue to warn people against installing our AENT PC App.   We did go through some of their hoops, made calls, filled in their forms, but their “business” model is simple… create a fictitious problem that doesn’t exist then make people pay money to resolve the malicious problem you created.

We’ve chosen to not capitulate to the likes of Microsoft and Norton Symantec Virus.  Thankfully, while developing the AENT PC App, we were also developing Apple and Android apps which are far more popular since people aren’t hit with false degenerate malicious attacks such as from Microsoft and Norton Symantec.

Our Software and all our products are SAFE for everyone to use!

Very, very small “software developers,” we are; but unlike Microsoft and Norton Virus, we don’t have business models that include leeching off people every month.  We make very sure our software is safe!  The AENT PC App is being hosted by one of the top ten largest hosting companies on earth.  It doesn’t get better or safer than our AENT PC App!

Rest assured that happy souls use the AENT PC App every day on their Microsoft Windows PC Computers without problem.  How does the AENT Windows PC App software compare to AENT Phone Apps?  When using the PC App mouse over a footnote number and the footnote pops up in a separate window, mouse over an Aramaic word and the transliteration pops up.  All the apps have the Glossary which is not available in the PDF or printed versions.

Nearly a year has passed since we launched the AENT PC App.  Some folks tried to reassure us that Microsoft and Norton Virus would “white list” the AENT PC App as more folks use it; nope, that’s not been the case.  Everybody knows that the likes of Bill Gates, Paul Allen of Microsoft, and Peter Norton, Steve Bennet, and Michael Brown of Symantec, never got rich by vending wholesome goodness into our human family.  “Shareholder value” in the corporate world is how business people justify their culture of conceit, covetousness and greed, in that world it’s all about “success” and “wining” at the expense of others, we’re so not interested.  Sure, sales of the AENT PC App are failing because of Microsoft and Symantec fear mongering however more and more souls are discovering these two facts:

A)  If you only use a PC computer, our software is safe and will work fine once you get past Microsoft fear mongering, if you have an Apple even better.  Apple friendly programs will allow you to use the AENT PC App on Apple computer without issue.

B) If you use Norton Anti-Virus software PLEASE remove it!    FREE anti-virus programs far exceed the best Norton Symantec products, one is 360 Total Security.  If you’re paying for Norton Symantec products you’re not only wasting money, you’re putting your computer at risk, and slowing it down!  Install 360 Total Security, you’ll see your computer run cleaner and faster, our AENT PC app will raise a red flag, but select safe you’re good to go.  Put more money in your pocket, experience a faster more efficient computer and worry free use.

Like most folks, we’re disgusted that Mega companies like Microsoft and Symantec Norton leech Billions of dollars off our Human Family year after year, but are bankrupt of collective Human Family consciousness.  Scripture says it best, “Indeed, they are greedy dogs which can never have enough, and they are shepherds that cannot understand: they all look to their own way, every one for his gain, from his quarter.” (Isaiah 56:11) What is even more disgusting is how these Mega companies obstruct the blessings for others… Woe to you Microsoft and Symantec! Hypocrites! For you shut up the Kingdom of Heaven before the sons of men. For you are not entering yourselves, and those who would enter you do not allow to enter.

With these things in mind we’re starting off the new year with gratitude and generosity.  We’ve just drastically reduced the cost of the AENT PC App from $29.95 to $19.00.  Scripture says… “Refuse no kindness to those who have a right to it, if it is in your power to perform it.” Proverbs 3:27

Let’s pray that our wonderful Human Family witnesses a revival of gratitude and generosity in 2018!  Imagine the possibility if only one, just one money mongering Software Billionaire receives a glimpse of the Kingdom of Heaven as did “Zakkai” so he or she might have their own “Zakkai Experience” (Zacchaeus Luke 19:1-10).  Those with AENT Bibles know about “tough cases” like Zakkai, and LOTS of things than what Greek based translations are able to offer.

If you’re already using the AENT PC app on your Windows Computer, we’d be thrilled to hear and share your testimony to help others trust the safety of our AENT PC App.  We do not solicit testimonies privately, we’re not a Mega Corporation like Microsoft or Symantec Norton that would coach or manipulate “consumers” to advance a self-centered advertising and marketing campaign.

May Avinu Malkenu (Our Father & King) bless you in Mashiyach Y’shua,

Shalom U’Vrachot (Peace & Blessings),

Baruch Ben Daniel

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