Aramaic English New Testament Sample Pages

To view sample pages of the Aramaic English New Testament
Please Click on samples below to view PDF’s

CONTENTS pg iii & From Scripture to Publication pg ix   sample1

MATTHEW 22:32-23:13 pg 66-67   sample2

LUKE 1:65-2:3 pg 146-147   sample3

ACTS 15:5-24 pg 350-351   sample4

HEBREWS 3:1-4:4 pg 402-403   sample5

ROMANS 1:1-23 pg 460-461   sample6

GALATIANS 4:17-5:10 pg 570-571   sample7

APPENDIXES & Almah pg 708-709   sample8

Josephus the Netzari pg 859 &
From Publication to Masorah and Liturgy:Where Do We Go From Here? pg 1057   sample9


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