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New Direction

Netzari Press discontinued publishing the AENT 5th Edition as of March 2019 for several important reasons.  For many years we believed the AENT to be as good as it gets, in terms of a Syrian Aramaic to English translation.  However, since 2013 we’ve seen a plethora of reasons why we needed to completely renovate the […]

Is the AENT PC App Safe???

Our Software and all our products are MORE THAN SAFE for everyone!  Guaranteed! Over the year’s we’ve received many requests to provide the AENT in a digital format, allowing readers to cut and paste English and Aramaic text into Bible studies, increase text size, help the reader learn and say Aramaic terms, and have access […]

Aramaic English New Testament Sample Pages

To view sample pages of the Aramaic English New Testament Please Click on samples below to view PDF’s CONTENTS pg iii & From Scripture to Publication pg ix   sample1 MATTHEW 22:32-23:13 pg 66-67   sample2 LUKE 1:65-2:3 pg 146-147   sample3 ACTS 15:5-24 pg 350-351   sample4 HEBREWS 3:1-4:4 pg 402-403   sample5 ROMANS 1:1-23 pg 460-461   sample6 GALATIANS […]

The Real Jesus Revealed in Original Aramaic

The teachings of the REAL JESUS have never been lost as some suggest.  As you study the AENT you will enter a world of Hebrew and Aramaic scholarship that has never before been available to English speakers, with full documentation and resources that confirm the authority and authenticity of the original Aramaic New Testament.  Learn how Greek New Testament […]

Front Cover Aramaic reads Ktaba (Scriptures) Qadisha (Set Apart or Holy)

Some have inquired about the meaning of the Aramaic words on the top front cover of the Aramaic English New Testament.  The phrase in Aramaic reading right to left is Ktaba Qadisha.  Ktaba means writings or Scriptures, Qadisha means “Set Apart” or “Holy”.  This title appears throughout ancient Peshitta Tanakh (Tanakh –TNK is an acronym for Torah (Instructions) […]

Aramaic New Testament Time Bomb

The Washington Post and Times Herald Mar 26, 1955 Book Is Written in Language Spoken by Christ By Paul Sampson Staff Reporter “…has been carefully preserved… originated in the ancient Assyrian Empire…was brought into this country when many members of the family came to this country after being driven from Assyria by World War 1…” […]

Questions & Answers about the Aramaic English New Testament

AENT Q&A’s Which Edition of the AENT are you shipping?  Answer: The AENT 5th Edition in hardcover and softcover, unless you specify that you want a large print 4th Edition.  The AENT large print is only available in the 4th Edition and will be sold out shortly.  The 5th Edition saw an additional 293 footnotes bringing […]

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