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With the Aramaic English New Testament (AENT), the serious researcher has unfettered access to the original ancient writings as reference sources for deeper investigation, comparison and understanding. Indeed the Aramaic English New Testament is the most definitive English New Testament translation in nearly two thousand years.

Greek translations of original Aramaic Bible texts were developed for Western countries but a different phenomenon was happening in the east where Aramaic texts were proliferating. Immediately we have a problematic situation where virtually all Western New Testament translations are based off of a language other than the original Aramaic, but this is not the only disappointing factor. For while learned scribes who held great reverence for every word, letter and punctuation mark, meticulously maintained the Aramaic texts in the east, the same cannot be said of the many Western Greek translations.

No two Greek texts agree to the extent that over 300 Aramaic texts agree within the Peshitta family. And although the Khabouris Codex contains minor differences within the Peshitta family its accuracy is superlative. The base Aramaic text is extremely trustworthy and has been reproduced with acute fastidiousness for nearly two millennia. The lead translator academic Andrew Roth, discusses the chain of custody of these ancient Aramaic New Testament texts and the scholarship pertaining to these texts throughout history.

Andrew Gabriel Roth, producer of the AENT, is a mature Netzari Jewish scholar who is one of the world’s foremost Aramaic Primacists. Roth has never been on the payroll of any religious institution, nor has he demonstrated a propensity to bolster either religious tradition or institutions. As an independent Netzari scholar he works closely with Paul Younan and many others to scrutinize every word within its original context and meaning. Roth has invested over a decade into the production of this AENT.

The Aramaic text used in the AENT is the most original autograph that modern scholars know of at time of publication – and most scholars agree that it is always optimal to translate from the oldest, most original text. Roth references every available Aramaic text known to the scholarly world and provides hundreds of detailed footnotes that discuss many variations. Not only does Roth discuss the choice of words of various translators but also his decision-making process, which opens the door for the reader to understand the complexities of making a translation.

The AENT is a side-by-side interlinear that places English against the Aramaic text line-by-line, where the reader can easily investigate each word and verse to personally investigate the accuracy of the translation. The publishers not only accept comments and suggestions they encourage them creating a positive environment of rigor, accountability and transparency. To date over 1,000 leading language scholars, historians and thinkers have rigorously dedicated their unrivaled expertise to the 5th edition of the AENT.

Discover the first New Testament, now available in English: The Aramaic English New Testament.

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