New Direction

Netzari Press discontinued publishing the AENT 5th Edition as of March 2019 for several important reasons.  For many years we believed the AENT to be as good as it gets, in terms of a Syrian Aramaic to English translation.  However, since 2013 we’ve seen a plethora of reasons why we needed to completely renovate the translation. footnotes and appendices.  While tracking Greek and Aramaic texts back to Hebrew and Aramaic from Qumran and the Galilee we saw mistranslation patterns in the Khabouris Codex and 1905 Peshitta that are also reflected in Greek New Testament texts.

We’ve tracked every Hebrew and Aramaic word in the Qumran, and while it’s obvious that Yeshua (Jesus) and His Apostles spoke Hebrew and Aramaic, it’s also very obvious they were not speaking Syrian Christian Aramaic.  We believe, the Peshitta of the AENT has been heavily influenced by Greek texts.  I and Netzari Press no longer hold the view that the Khabouris Codex is as good as it gets as the primary source of New Testament writ, our team feel Greek also plays a very substantial role in the restoration of original New Testament Scripture.

A large portion of my authorship of hundreds of footnotes and over 150 pages of appendixes in the AENT have been revised to better reflect the Hebrew “mind” underlying New Testament writ.

Our new publication is called AHAV or, Aramaic Hebrew Amplified Version.  We have been very blessed to enlist the help of some of the world’s top Jewish and Christian scholars in Hebrew and Aramaic, who are lending wonderful support to the AHAV Bible Project.  Indeed, within a few days of discontinuing the AENT 5th Edition, a number of scholars contacted us to lend support to the AHAV Bible Project.

While the AENT has been a lifechanging experience for many souls, we believe the AHAV Bible to be a thousand times more powerful.  We are already seeing awesome fruit as we head into the home stretch for publication of AHAV.

We welcome you to visit AHAVBIBLE.COM to learn more.

Abba Father’s blessings be with you,

Baruch Ben Daniel





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