AENT DVD Volume 1

AENT DVD Volume 1


The Aramaic English New Testament DVD (Volume 1) provides a wealth of information about the original Hebrew and Aramaic language and culture of Y’shua (Jesus) within the original Aramaic New Testament. This DVD comes in large capacity format holding twice the content of standard DVD’s.

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AENT DVD Vol.1 contains presentations about the original New Testament including:

  • What is Aramaic?
  • What is the Peshitta?
  • What is Estrangela?
  • What is the Church of the East?
  • What are the historical mechanisms of Aramaic Renewed Covenant Primacy?
  • A brief tour of the manuscript record.
  • Why is Aramaic Renewed Covenant Primacy important to you?

This three part series on Aramaic Primacy examines some of the beautiful poetry, terms and definitions, and many underlying elements of Aramaic that were embedded deep within the original text. You will also see many graphics that show Aramaic history and archeology like never before.

Textual Comparison (Aramaic vs. Greek) -2 Parts – The Text, a 42-Step Journey from Matthew through 1 John.

This two part series on textual comparison shows how Aramaic had to be the original language of the New Testament upon which the earliest Greek New Testament Bibles had been translated from.  Discover from Matthew to 1 John how each book of the Greek New Testament had been translated from the original Aramaic New Testament.  Andrew Gabriel Roth takes you through verses in your own Bible and shows how original definitions and ideas evolved from Aramaic and Hebrew into Greek.

Aramaic Timeline
A beautifully choreographed presentation showing the history of how Aramaic has evolved since the First Century.  Key Aramaic scholars are noted and important developments are shown in chronological order, dating from the First Century and up to the modern era.

Aramaic English New Testament History
This presentation features some thoughts about the Netzarim (Nazarenes -original Jewish followers of Y’shua) and touches on a few key distinctions within the original Faith Once Delivered.  This is an educational and inspirational video for everyone who has put their trust in Y’shua as haMashiyach. It was engineered with original guitar music written and performed by our very own Aaron McGill.

AENT Bible Overview
A brief AENT promo video that shows distinctions of the original Faith as presented within the original Aramaic English New Testament.

Radio Interviews
Two full-length radio interviews with Andrew Gabriel Roth, including one where Roth and Dr. Russ Hills (Greek Scholar and Professor) discuss developments of the Aramaic English New Testament.

New Testament Symposium in Salem Oregon

Powerpoint slide presentation by Andrew Gabriel Roth, discussing the Aramaic New Testament and how both Hebrew and Greek have played major roles in New Testament development but are not the original autograph.  This presentation features dozens of slides of history, archeology and quotations from the ancients and modern scholars, squarely fixing Aramaic as the lingua franca of Jews in Israel at the time of Y’shua.

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