Symphonic Inspirations by Marcus Ellis (Netzari Nation)


Symphonic Inspirations by Marcus Ellis (Netzari Nation)

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Symphonic Inspirations contains 14 songs of praise to the Almighty Creator with some amazing testimony that is sure to encourage the Body of Mashiyach.  Marcus Ellis is a composer, pianist and tenor, who offers praise and worship music with his highest honor to our Heavenly Father.

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From time immemorial, the hand of the Almighty One has formed magnificent canyons across the earth, creating absolutely breathtaking sights seen today.  Similarly, the towering walls on either side of these canyons resemble the monolithic cultures of Christianity and Rabbinic Judaism.  However, flowing gently and often silently for centuries between these massive rock walls – as a vein of fine gold in the deepest shaft of a mine – are the waters of Truth of the Netzari Nation.  This is “the narrow way” to the Kingdom of Heaven of which Y’shua spoke.  Here you will find the “living waters” – and rest for your souls.

Shalom U’Vrachot (Peace & Blessings) to the Netzari Nation and all who enter therein.  ~ Marcus Ellis

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