Welcome to the new AENT.org

We’re pleased to announce the launch of the new AENT.org website; helping others discover the Word through the Aramaic English New Testament.

Most people are shocked to learn that the Bible they grew up with was not translated directly from original Aramaic texts, but rather from Greek versions that were retranslated into English. The Aramaic English New Testament (or AENT) comes directly from Aramaic, the very language spoken by Jesus and his disciples.

The Aramaic English New Testament is the most definitive English New Testament in nearly two thousand years. The AENT translates Aramaic into English as literally and precisely as possible with no paraphrasing or flowery language added. There is simply no other English New Testament Bible that is as authentic and authoritative. For more information on how scripture compares between the AENT and other Bibles, view our scripture comparison videos.

Simply put, there is no other English New Testament Bible that is as authentic, authoritative, and awesome and it’s now available in English in Hardcover, Softcover, and Large-Print Softcover.

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