The AENT for Home-based Bible Teachers and Small Groups


Small groups and home-based Bible teaching is the quintessential expression of the early church. While today we often think of a “church” as a physical building, The Word has made it clear that the believers of Christ are the Church and house the Holy Spirit within them. Therefore, the physical building is the gathering place of the Church, not the church itself.

Attending corporate praise and worship services is an integral part of the edification of believers. The Word reminds us to never forsake the assembling of ourselves together especially as we see that day growing closer. Home-based Bible teaching and small group ministries however are the perfect forums for deeper study of The Word in an interactive format. Our mission from Y’shua is to create disciplines: passionate, Spirit-filled, students of The Word. To know God you must know The Word, for as John 1:1 reminds us, The Word is God.

When studying The Word it is important to remember that popular English New Testaments come from Greek translations originally converted from Hebrew and Aramaic texts. Conversely, the AENT comes directly from Aramaic, the very language spoken by Jesus and his disciples.

The AENT is the perfect resource for enhancing our understanding of the Good News. Over 1,000 leading language scholars and Bible students have rigorously dedicated their unrivaled expertise to the 5th edition of the AENT. A wonderfully diverse tapestry of Jewish and Christian religious ideologists has collectively provided thousands of hours of unbiased peer review. Publishers, translators, editors, and contributors have passionately woven hundreds of years of study and research of Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek into the AENT.

Not only does the Aramaic English New Testament Bible render the Ancient Aramaic in a way that is easy for every English reader to understand, but it reveals nuances, poetry and hidden codes of the New Testament that until now have only been available to Hebrew and Aramaic scholars.

Rediscover the life-changing power of the Good News in the AENT. Delve into the unfathomable depths of the Kingdom of Heaven illuminated in the AENT. Explore colorful truths displayed through a glorious collection of footnotes and appendixes in the AENT.

Simply put, there is no other English New Testament Bible that is as authentic, authoritative, and awesome.

Discover the first New Testament, now available in English: The Aramaic English New Testament.

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